Skyblue Institute of Design - Design & Architecture Entrance Exam Coaching I Professional Design Courses

Rules & Regulations

1) Fees once paid is not refundable even under the following situations:
• SID can cancel the admission of the student at any time during the coaching if student is found to be given any wrong information regarding him/her.
• SID is not responsible if the 12th exam result of the student comes as failure due to which student does not get admission into any design institute.
• If the student entrance form gets rejected by any design institute for any reason then SID is not responsible.
• After the fees is paid, if the student is found to be not qualifying the minimum requirements of the institute for admission then SID is not responsible. Students are required to check the age and minimum qualification from the relevant websites before paying the fees for the coaching class.
• If the student is found to be misbehaving, smoking cigarettes, consuming alcohol or taking drugs then SID has the full right to cancel the admission of that student.
• If any student wants to quit the course due to any social or personal reason, in that case also the fees is not refundable.

2) If the institute declares holiday for any reason then the institute shall arrange for the extra classes at any time. Students will be informed well in advance through Email or SMS or Phone. If there is any change in the above mentioned communication media then the students are asked to apprise the institute.

3) We reserve the right to deny admission to a student without giving any reason.

4) Cost for the study material and stationery such as pencil, colors, etc. is to be borne by the students themselves (For design aptitude test and situation test)

5) Fees paid by the students are valid only for 75 hours of coaching. After 75 hours, practice given to the students is totally free.

6) Professional portfolio differs from the basic portfolio for the foreign study.

7) SID does not take any guarantee that the student will be placed in the institute/college he/she selected.

8) SID reserves the right to change the rules and regulations at any time as per the requirement. Also have the rights to revise the tuition and other fees as it deems to be fit and such changes will be communicated to the students by any means. (Notice Board, SMS, Email or Phone)

9) Students are advised to check the Notice Board regularly in order to keep themselves updated regarding the happenings and the instructions communicated through Notice Board should be followed in right spirit.

10) Parents are free to visit our institute and can leave their feedback regarding the coaching provided here.

11) Students are required to specify the college name in advance for the entrance examination.

12) I am taking admission solely based on my own decision and not inspired by any kind of marketing, advertisement or others view.

13) In case, the student misses the application form of any design institute then SID is not responsible for that. So, students are advised to check the notice board regularly regarding when the forms will be available, etc.

14) Students can change their batch timings monthly only if the batch to which the student wants to get shifted has vacant seats.

15) Daily timings will not be changed.

16) I am agreeing that I will not involve in any legal issues of Skyblue and not take any action against them in any case.

17) Damage to the property of the Institute like tampering with fixtures, will be viewed seriously and cost of damage will be recovered from the concerned student.

18) If the students have any queries, kindly visit our institute with prior appointment.

19) In matters not covered in above rules and regulations, the decision of Director will be final and binding to the students and their Parents/Guardians.

20) Students are required to sign the attendance sheet daily as and when they come. The same can be checked by the parents of respective student.

21) Students are required to come to the class as per the allotted time table.